Sound Effects, Toys and Miscellany

7 note Japanese Temple Blocks
12' Mark Trees
Adams (?) 9 Note Synthetic Temple Blocks
Aluphone Bell Tree
Bass Kalimba
Camel Bells
Ceramic Mark Tree
Chinese Cup Chime Tree (large)
Chinese Cup Chime Tree (small)
Chromatic Bell Tree
Crossing Signal Bell
Elephant Bells
Giant Iron Triangles
Glass Mark Tree
Indian Shephard's Bells
Klann Organ Cymbalstern (“Zimbelstern”)
Large Tambourines and Riqs
Lion’s Roar
Log Drums
Misc. Sirens
Paiste Roto Sound
Paiste Sound Plates
Piccolo Temple Blocks
Plastic Cowbells
Quadruple Bell Trees
Quadruple Fight Gong
Quarter Tone Glock
Remo Spokes Tree
Ritual Bowl Gongs
Set of 5 Vintage Cowbells
Ship's Bells
Spring Thing
Taxi Horns (for "American in Paris")
Taxi Horns (for “One Man, Two Guvnors”)
Thomas Rönnefarth Percussion Glass Chime
Tibetan Temple Bells
Wind Machine
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