Vintage Drums

Leedy & Ludwig Knob Tension
Ludwig & Ludwig 1940’s White Marine Kit
Ludwig 1960's Black Diamond Super Classic Kit
Ludwig 1960's Oyster Black "Ringo" Kit
Ludwig 1970's Psych Red Super Classic Kit
Ludwig 1970's Amber Vistalite "Bonham" Kit
Ludwig 1970's Amber Vistalite
Ludwig 1970's Black Vistalite Kit
Ludwig 1970's Clear Vistalite Kit
Ludwig 1970's Green Vistalite Kit
Ludwig 1970's Mod Orange Kit
Ludwig 1970's "Jazzy" Psych Red Kit
Ludwig 1970's Red, White & Blue Vistalite Kit
Ludwig 3 Band Pattern C Quadra-Plus
Ludwig Jelly Bean Quadra-Plus
Ludwig Miami Beach Cocktail Kit
Ludwig Tivoli Lighted Outfit
Pearl Fiberglass Kit
Slingerland Cocktail Outfit
Slingerland Gold Sparkle Kit
Slingerland Lavender Satin Flame Kit
Slingerland Purple Sparkle Kit
Slingerland Red Satin Flame “Buddy Rich” Kit
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